Leveraging best-practices compliant with the NIST Framework, HIPAA, PCI-DSS + more

A family owned business


Our Founder

Robert was homeschooled by his father (A PhD Chemical Engineer and Early DOS Computer adopter) and mother (a decorated Teacher, and world renowned Tapestry Weaver) in southern Arizona. 

Robert was introduced to computers prior to the advent of the internet. His early exposure to Mac, Linux, DOS, and later Windows systems as a home-school student led to an accelerated education in the discipline of computer science. Robert was building computers, and teaching computer classes before he hit puberty.

In 2004 Robert lost his father to cancer and later went on to fulfill his fathers' job role as the IT Manager of a small non-profit, in his early-teens. After leaving his home-town, Robert began a career of IT Support roles that took him all over California, and Arizona. Doing so, he became adept at supporting network infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. 

After making a name for himself in the Silicon Valley region of California, Robert helped found a highly-successful MSP franchise in the Portland, OR area. 

Robert continues to provide architectural, and tactical expertise to those franchises, while steering the Flagship for other MSPs and security-conscious businesses around the country.


Our Director

Robert's wife Via is our Director of Client Relations. A cornerstone of the real-estate industry, she had built and sustained a flourishing real-estate business and brings her great personality, attention to detail, and interpersonal communication skills to Flagship, when she's not out there taking over the real-estate world, that is! 


Our Mascot

Cash is the life of the office!

Cash was a rescue adopted in Portland, OR. He later made the journey with us to his home in Sunny Arizona. Cash is the head of community involvement and the coordinator for Team Building Exercises. He often signs us up for intensive outdoor activities, and puts in quite a few hours of overtime.