Leveraging best-practices compliant with the NIST Framework, HIPAA, PCI-DSS + more

Our Audience


We feel business owners in the Medical, Financial, Legal + Manufacturing niche should enjoy the same piece-of-mind afforded by fortune 500 companies. 

Flagship makes this possible by bringing industrial-grade IT Solutions and Security Best-Practices to your business and your budget.

We also work with IT Providers and Large Corporations to provide Security Compliance strategies, and Tier 3 elevation for already established IT Staff. 

Experts in our field, and yours. 


Our Approach


We take a holistic approach to the relationship between technology and business. 

Risk Assessments, Asset Management Strategy, IT Financial Planning, Disaster Preparedness, Software Transitions, Email Migrations, and Business Continuity Solutions are at the forefront of our expertise.  

Once we optimize your systems, and ensure you're secure, We work with you and your staff to establish habits that support your continued success. 

Simplicity is the key to success!

Our Mission


Our mission is to bring enterprise-level network security equipment and practices to businesses in the private sector, at an affordable price. 

We focus our efforts on the medical, financial, legal + manufacturing industries so that we can ensure our practices stay current with their needs.

Our compliance strategies are modeled after NIST and HIPAA compliance standards and custom-tailored to your

 specific requirements.  

 The answer to all  your IT needs.